In memoriam

James T. Webb
In memory of Dr. James T. Webb

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that Dr. James T. Webb passed away Friday, July 27, while on vacation with family in Mexico. He was 78 years old.

Jim was passionate about many things. He was an avid pilot, traveller, husband, father, grandfather, friend and colleague. As a psychologist, he was dedicated to furthering gifted education. In his free time he loved spending quality time with his family, scuba diving, volunteering for different causes and flying his plane. He provided unconditional love and support and gave the best hugs.

He is survived by his wife of 17 years, Janet Gore, and his daughters, Mary, Amy, Patty and Nadia, her daughters, Ellen and Anne, and their significant others and their grandchildren. They loved him and will miss him dearly, as will his friends around the globe.

Jim is a well-known author and publisher who has written and edited numerous books. After retiring as an Associate Dean and professor from Wright State University (Ohio), he started the publishing company, Great Potential Press, through which he published dozens of books on different topics in the gifted field. He was a pioneer in the field of social and emotional needs of the gifted, for which cause he founded SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted). He is the recipient of many awards for his work, including the SENG lifetime achievement award.

In lieu of flowers, people may send their condolences on this website and/or donate a memorial contribution to SENG via this link. We kindly request you to not call the family directly, but leave a public message on this page or send an email to the family using the link at the bottom of the page.