In memoriam

James T. Webb
In memory of Dr. James T. Webb

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that Dr. James T. Webb passed away Friday, July 27, while on vacation with family in Mexico. He was 78 years old.

Jim was passionate about many things. He was an avid pilot, traveller, husband, father, grandfather, friend and colleague. As a psychologist, he was dedicated to furthering gifted education. In his free time he loved spending quality time with his family, scuba diving, volunteering for different causes and flying his plane. He provided unconditional love and support and gave the best hugs.

He is survived by his wife of 17 years, Janet Gore, and his daughters, Mary, Amy, Patty and Nadia, her daughters, Ellen and Anne, and their significant others and their grandchildren. They loved him and will miss him dearly, as will his friends around the globe.

Jim is a well-known author and publisher who has written and edited numerous books. After retiring as an Associate Dean and professor from Wright State University (Ohio), he started the publishing company, Great Potential Press, through which he published dozens of books on different topics in the gifted field. He was a pioneer in the field of social and emotional needs of the gifted, for which cause he founded SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted). He is the recipient of many awards for his work, including the SENG lifetime achievement award.

In lieu of flowers, people may send their condolences on this website and/or donate a memorial contribution to SENG via this link. We kindly request you to not call the family directly, but leave a public message on this page or send an email to the family using the link at the bottom of the page.

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Sue Jackson

It is with the deepest sadness that we at the Daimon Institute pass on our deepest condolences to Jan and the family. Jims’s Influence in Gifted endeavours worldwide are felt in matters large and small. He will be sorely missed. P. Susan Jackson.

Joy L Davis

I am in a daze.. Jim Webb was a true giant of a man. It was Jim who called on me to write and publish my first book through GPP. It was Jim who was courageous and compassionate enough to believe that Black parents and families needed to become better advocates for their gifted children. This is one man who will truly be missed by millions…To Jan, my heart and prayers are with you during this time.
with my love and deepest respect,
Joy Lawson Davis

Marianne Kuzujanakis

We are all extremely devastated by this sad news. Jim was a brilliant and most generous advocate for the gifted. He was a true trailblazer in areas as diverse as misdiagnosis and dual diagnosis, the social and emotional support of the gifted, and gifted existential depression. There is none other like him. He was an original. I feel so very privileged to have known Jim, worked with him, and counted him among my friends. My sincerest condolences to Jan and family. May your memories offer you comfort in this difficult time. With deepest love, Marianne

Mona Chicks

Our deepest condolences on your loss. Jim was such an advocate for the misunderstood and an educator of the misinformed. He will be missed.

Jane Hesslein

It is nearly impossible to imagine a world without Jim. His wisdom, humor, and keen appreciation of gifted kids and their families changed so many lives. He encouraged us to reach beyond what we thought we could do and supported us in those efforts. I will miss my friend. My condolences go to Jan and the family. May his memory be a blessing. With deepest love, Jane

Leslie S Graves

My heart is breaking.. at this sad news… Jim was a #Greatheart and a true advocate for our misunderstood in gifted.. I shall miss him. We shared a love of Mexico, and I love that he was on vacation there. Ill never forget his and Janets time with us and my family here in Ireland.. safe home…

Erin Morris Miller

A great loss to the field. Dr. Webb was a reliable and compassionate guide for those working to support and encourage gifted children.

Corin Goodwin

This is truly the end of an era. Anyone who recognizes the important role of the social and emotional in giftedness owes this man a great debt. In the very early years of GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Jim was a tremendous supporter of our work. He was one of the first to take the idea of homeschooling gifted kids seriously (there were plenty who brushed us off, and some who still do). His work gave us a framework with which to advocate for the best interests of our children, in any educational or other environment. May his memory be for a blessing to all of us.

Also… Wow. 🙁

Nth Bar-Fields

My heartfelt condolences.

Lisa Reid

I am so sad to hear this news. Dr. Webb made such a difference in the lives of children and their families. He was so kind, thoughtful and generous with his time and I am incredibly grateful for his support and encouragement. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to know and work with him and thank both him and Jan for all that they did over the last several years to advocate for Reid Day School. Jan, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Stacia Taylor

Such a tremendously kind and thoughtful person. Truly an enormous loss.

Sharon Duncan

Oh my goodness. My heart is just breaking. Such a loss to the world. I sat on a pool deck and played cards with Jim two weeks ago, just hours before this picture was taken. Jim was a social justice warrior on so many fronts (not just gifted, though there he was an icon). His encouragement meant so much to me personally. A life well lived for the benefit of so many – standing ovation Jim. I send his family my love.

Lisa Rivero

The legacy that Jim leaves is almost beyond words to describe. He touched people in so many ways with his insight and generosity and understanding—through his publishing company, his own writing, parent trainings, public talks, personal interactions, SENG… To say that those ripples will continue for generations is no hyperbole. For me personally, he and Jan were the best editors and publisher a first-time (or any) author could hope for. With a heavy heart I extend my deepest sympathies to Jan and the rest of Jim’s family, his GPP family, and to all who feel this tremendous loss. ~ Lisa

Véronique Minnebo

Very sad news. I had the honour of meeting Jim Webb last year, at the Novilo Conference in the Netherlands. He was a truly charming, warm and wise man. His books had a huge influence on my perception of giftedness and coaching of gifted individuals. He will be missed. My sincere condoleances to his loved ones.

Rebecca Howell

This is very sad news indeed. A man whose legacy will be felt by many gifted people across the years. Potential Plus UK sends our condolences to his loved ones.

Lori Witkowski

My heart is broken. Such and intelligent, compassionate person.

Richard Cash

I am so shocked and saddened by this news. Jim was a great friend and outstanding colleague. I will miss his hugs and words of encouragement. My heartfelt sympathies go out to his entire family.

Wenda Sheard

Instant tears here, and many, many other places all over the world. To Janet, all your daughters, and all your grandchildren—I’m holding you in my 💓 and wishing you the best through grief and transition.

James Bishop

I am tremendously saddened by Dr. Webb’s passing. Gifted children and adults have lost a tremendous advocate. Visiting with him was one of the highlights of NAGC’s annual conference. His absence in the field will be long felt. Dr. Webb’s misdiagnosis work inspired my doctoral dissertation and he personally provided advice and guidance on my study, for which I will be forever grateful.

Heather Boorman

Wishing those closest to Jim peace, comfort, and perseverance for the grief journey that lays ahead of you. I’ve only had the honor of briefly speaking to Jim at the past 2 SENG conferences, but his work has greatly influenced my life, professionally and personally. May the knowledge that thousands upon thousands of gifted kids and adults are living better lives directly because of Jim bring you a small piece of peace, that his was a life well lived.

Susan Prior

I felt I knew him for a long time due to his amazing body of work and advocacy but really had just met Jim Webb at my first SENG conference and SMPG training in San Diego last week. His soft-spoken and gentle manner enveloped us and gave us confidence, without me knowing it would be the first and last time we would meet. So important to continue his legacy of love and support. Deep condolences to his family and friends.

Shaun Hately

His work made my childhood easier than it could have been. Thank you.


Shaun, what you describe is the reason Jim did what he did. He would have been thrilled to read this post. Thank you for sharing.

Annelie Neuteboom

I was so sad, earlier today, when I heard that he had passed away. I know he’ll be missed. My condolences to all who loved him. He has meant so much for the gifted community; his books and the wisdom within will be passed on to parents, children, adults who need to hear what he had to say.

Joe Renzulli & Sally Reis

Jim was a great leader, a kind and caring person, and a creative contributor to gifted education and psychology in general. As a pioneer in the area of social and emotional development he introduced a whole new dimension to our field. We will miss him and mourn this loss.

Linda Sparling

I’m in shock, as I’m sure many are. I just saw him at the annual SENG conference and he looked great. Great is one of many superlatives to describe this giant in the world of gifted individuals. His important work has influenced and taught so many of us. My heart and thoughts go out to his family, friends and the gifted community.

Shannon Lora

A very sad day for the gifted community. His contributions to the care of gifted children and his great enthusiasm to meet their needs are unrivaled in modern times. Only Anne Marie Roeper andTerman even come to mind in the same category. I had the privilege of meeting him and discussing my young son’s needs years ago and couldn’t have been more impressed or felt so supported. Our thoughts are with his family.

Ken Dickson

I am devastated!
Dr. Webb, for me will remain one of the most important influences in my professional life.
His genteel nature and easy style accentuated his beautiful spirit. It was legendary, as he was a legend in his own time.
Just a few days ago, he showered me with wonderful compliments regarding my being named recipient of SENGs 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award. I was deeply honored with his words.
I pray that the Webb family, as well as his professional family experiences an abundance of God’s peace and strength.

Terry Bradley

Jim taught me so many things over the years. Through his books and the many presentations I attended, he helped me raise my children. It’s as simple as that. I owe him a debt of gratitude. He was always available to listen, to talk, to support. I will miss not having that connection. I looked up to him in so many ways. My condolences to the family. He was dearly loved.

Wendy Clark

Giftedland has lost one of its giants. Those of us at WAETAG in Washington send our condolences to the family and friends dealing with this tremendous loss. Rest In Peace, Jim, and know that your legacy will certainly live on.

Sally Lyon

Dear Jan and other family members,
It is with a heavy heart and extreme shock to learn of Jim’s sudden and very unexpected passing. I am thinking of all the times I have spent time seeing you both through the years. Most recently the time in San Diego will be held most precious and the last hug along with the last smiles and laughs. Sending you many condolences.
Sally Lyon

Evelyn King Metcalf

“On The Shoulders of Giants,” we called our little gathering around a lunch table just two short weeks ago. Jim shared with us his hard earned wisdom of keeping a non-profit board afloat..not just afloat…thriving…growing…evolving. SENG is just one of his legacies. The SENG Board continues to offer patient and loving stewardship, arms open, providing rare and instant kinship in this (at times) aching world. It’s our honor to carry on…

Therese Clifford

So glad I got to see Jim at SENG last week. Just the other evening my husband and I were talking about the many hilarious quips and witticisms that were a part of him. He was a great help to my family over 20 years ago and he remained a friend ever since. We talked over so many ideas together for SENG, and he was very supportive during my time on the board. I cannot believe this at the moment. I and so terribly sorry for you loss, Jan. I just have no words…

Dolores Valadez

I am sorry
Descanse en paz

Steven Pfeiffer

It is indeed a very sad day with Jim’s passing. Jim has had a very substantial impact on the gifted field and on so many who work with and are concerned about the special needs of high ability persons. I’ve valued and cherished my relationship with a Jim, dating back over 15 years to my time on the SENG Board during its early years. Jim was a smart and passionate, thoughtful and considerate person. He also was gentle and kind- in my culture, we consider Jim a true mensch. I learned a great deal from Jim, and considered him a friend, colleague and mentor. I’ll miss him. A lot. My condolences to his wife and family and loved ones.

Judith Lombard

Jim you’ll always be my mentor. We are grateful for all you gave us then, now, and in the future .
Safe passage,

Claire Hughes

Jim was a truly good man who not only spread light and love but also made others feel that they could do the same. His legacy lives on in the way we try-and will continue to try- to make the world a better and more caring place. I got a special “Jim hug” at every NAGC and I will miss him dearly. My thoughts to Janet and his family.

Jeanne Bernish

Such a deep loss – he was truly a guiding light. Deepest sympathies to his family.

Barry Gelston

Like others in the Gifted community, I am in deep shock. Losing Jim is like us losing our John Lennon. He was such a good, kind man, whose influence will last for generations. Thank you for all of you have done for so many.

Gayle Brady

Truly saddened by this. Such an incredible gift to our community. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

Michael McLinn

I’m in total shock to hear of incredibly sad news regarding Jim’s passing. When I get myself together I’ll have more to say.

Kathleen Casper

I am in shock. We just spoke about his hopes for his legacy of SENG and GPP at our SENG board alumni meeting prior to the San Diego conference. He told us then that he was getting older and wanted to make sure he left everything in good hands so it would all continue on perpetually and continue to help people. We joked about him having to live a very long time before he ever died. I can’t imagine him really gone.

Jim was a huge force in the world for gifted people and a huge reason for everything I do- because of his organizations and books and research and his big heart, I learned more and cared more about the field of gifted education myself. Being a board member of SENG allowed us all to get to know each other really closely and I always enjoyed getting to see him and listen to him speak about gifted issues. (And I always adored seeing his wife, Jan too, who I send extra love to.)

He is one of my mentors and role models in the field and I’m glad I was able to reconnect with him after not seeing him for a while. I will always be so glad for our friendship and all that he taught us all.

Claudia Benmesahel

His legacy is huge, he will never be forgotten!

Marcia Gentry

Jim was an outstanding colleague and a fantastic human. I will miss him and his contributions and insights. He was such a joy. My deepest condolences to his entire family. Marcia Gentry

Maria Paz Gomez

I am very sorry about these sad news. My condolences to the family. James Webb’s legacy will be preserved around the world. Here in Chile we will continue to embrace his ideas and work toward making gifted education better for students and parents.

Kathy Eads

My heart broke when I read of Jim’s passing. Prayers for comfort and peace for all who grieve. I feel like I was a better mother of a gifted son because of Jim’s books.

Carol Tomlinson

Jim had a generous heart and a welcoming smile. He was a good soul who made the people around him better. I’m grateful to have been one of those people.

Bob Schultz

So sorry for your loss. Jim touched the lives of many. But especially one doctoral student cutting his teeth in the field in the late 1990’s. He will be missed; and remembered fondly for the caring person he is.

Kathleen Crombie

I feel so honored to have had many interactions with Jim! He helped me personally which then redirected my professional life to work in gifted. My tears of loss are mixing with tears of joy remembering the twinkle in his eye and passion he had to help people! I send hugs to his wife, Janet, and the entire family. His legacy will live forever as we continue the work.

Ann (Aaronson ) Dotzauer

Words cannot express how I feel. Jim was a great family friend of ours when he lived in Ohio. He was a great support to our family. My deceased husband (Dr. Arthur Aaronson) and I had only the dearest respect for Jim. The world has lost a wonderful human being.

Karen Bendelman

He was an outstanding professional. Will be missed. My condolences to the family.


If it weren’t for Jim Webb and his book “Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis….” I might STILL be scrambling around trying to figure out what my son’s “problem” is. My whole family is grateful and forever in debt, especially my PG son, who may have otherwise never even had an IQ test and probably would have spent his entire education rotting in a classroom being treated like he had ADHD while I tried to figure it out. Thank goodness for Jim Webb.

Tracy Riley

Jim Webb was such a gentleman, so caring and passionate about our gifted and talented children and young people. I had the honour of being with him at SENG in San Diego, and, as always, Jim greeted me with the warmth and love of an old friend – though our paths seldom passed in life. Jim’s work will always have a lasting mark on many lives, especially through SENG. Rest in peace, dear man, gentle soul.

Nikki Myers

I have benefited from so many of his books, his work with Seng, and heard him speak. I met him at a conference- such a kind and thoughtful person in addition to gifted advocate and professional. This is such a loss, and I am so grateful for the legacy and body of work that he has left us. Wishing his family strength and peace through the much deeper loss it is for them.

Barbara Kerr

I am so sad.. Jim gave me a chance as a young, unpublished author. He believed in smart girls. He made life better for gifted kids all over the world.

Aimee Yermish, PsyD

I am so saddened to hear of Jim’s death, and so grateful for the many gifts of time, thoughtfulness, and caring that he gave to the gifted community as a whole and to myself as an individual. He truly saw people as real human beings, and was so kind and warm as he helped draw out the best that each person might have to offer the world. I will miss him so much, and I hope to continue to work with others to carry on his legacy. May his memory be for an abiding blessing.

Kim Lanese

I am so sad to hear of Jim’s passing. I consider him a friend and a mentor, and will miss him terribly. Jan, Mary, and the rest of his family and friends- I am so sorry for your loss, and thank you for sharing him with the rest of us. We’ve lost him too soon.

Suzy Hagar, Dallas, Tx

My heart sunk when I learned of the passing of Dr. James T. Webb. Please accept my deepest sympathies to Jim’s family and scores of friends. It is clear from comments the legacy Dr. Jim Webb is leaving and will continue to make a difference. I am thankful I had the opportunity to work with Jim on several occasions. My prayers are with his loved ones.🌹⭐️

Lisa an Gemert

We were blessed to have something so great to lose. Dr. Webb believed in me when I did not believe in myself. What an amazing person and what a generous gift he gave – literally his entire life to the cause in which he believed so strongly. Advocate, friend, publisher, author, psychologist…the words just never end to describe all he was to so many. Many tears are falling, and many smiles are shining thinking of all he has given, all he is leaving us with. My deepest sympathies are with his family and beloved team at Great Potential Press.

Bronwyn MacFarlane


Gail Post

This is such a tremendous loss. He was such a maverick in the field of giftedness, an amazing psychologist and author, and a kind and compassionate person. My deepest sympathies go out to the family.

Deb Delisle

I remember the first time my husband introduced me to Jim Webb. I was struck by his humility despite his amazing presence in the field of gifted. What I carried away from that intro was the depth of regard and commitment Jim Webb had for gifted children- helping them to find their own spaces on this earth and, more importantly, to find their hearts’ passions and seek comfort in following those pathways. Rest in peace, Jim, and may the many lives you touched carry you to the highest of clouds and peace.

Darleen Saunders

Never a man has left such an impression on me than Dr. Web; his gracious manner, his incredible intelect and compassion, and especially the generosity with his time. He will be so missed. I want to thank his family for sharing him with us and offer my deepest condolences to each of them.

“A great man is one who leaves others at a loss after he is gone.”
Paul Valery


Thanks to Jim, I was able to help my daughter be successful in her world. She is a unique, gifted successful women now, and this is all because the information we needed was available. This helped me know her needs and guide her better. I am so grateful!

Susan Hartford

I’m so grateful for his work. My most heartfelt condolences go out to his family and all who knew him.

Bronwyn MacFarlane

Jim’s welcoming and friendly face will be greatly missed. He had a wonderful energy and was so warm to visit with together. His work in gifted education, social-emotional education, SENG, educational publishing, and much more has made a profound ripple impact in helping others. I’m so sorry to learn this sad news and send my deepest sympathies to his family.

Kathy Anderson Courchene

I’m stunned. Breathless. We were just speaking together in San Diego, where I was able to tell him how grateful to him I am for starting SENG – Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted and the parent groups. In about 1986, I joined a parent group run by one of his students in Middletown, Ohio. It changed my life, and started me on the path that would eventually lead to the emotional and spiritual work I do with gifted adults today. When I told him the story, he said it made his day.
Godspeed, Jim. Keep in touch.
To his family: my deepest condolences. May peace and comfort be with you.

Merlene Gilb

😢😢😢… We have lost a true champion of gifted children. Rest in all the love and light you gave the world through your meaningful work, Dr. James Webb.

Marta Patiño

James T. Webb changed so many lives, for good. Mine & my daughter’s included. Rest in peace, you were an example and mentor for gifted people around the globe. Eternally grateful.

My condolences to his family and closest friends/colleagues.
Marta Patiño

R. A.

What a brilliant mind and gentle soul. Dr. Webb had such a profound insight about humans and I am grateful that he shared his knowledge with the world. I feel fortunate to have learned and benefitted from his contributions to the gifted community. Warm thoughts and prayers for his family.

Merlene Gilb

😢😢😢… We have lost a true champion for gifted children. I’ve read all of his work. Moved to this day by his writings on existential depression and the misdiagnosis of gifted children. I was so blessed to have met him when I was newly responsible for gifted education in my school district. He was such an encouragement to me in this work. I am lost for words.

Rest in all the love and light you gave the world through your meaningful work, Dr. James Webb.

Carolyn Coil

I am so very sad to hear of Jim’s death. He was kind, gracious and brilliant in the field of gifted education. I will miss his warmth, his sweet smile and his intellect.

Len Avecilla

It was almost a decade ago that we first brought Dr. Webb to Keller ISD, and that he and I worked on a Wikipedia article- about SENG: its origins, its mission. We never published it. I just sent it to the SENG Board. It contained “so much of Jim Webb” – I re-read that draft, and so easily I felt like I always did when I was standing beside him, or laughing together, or just bustling ’round some conference or exhibit area together? He had that way of being so humbly knowledgeable, so effortlessly giving. He changed my life (a parent of a few gifted’s) – I never stopped sharing his messages – every chance I had. And I still am.


GPP and their great authors (like you Tamara) made a difference in our house when we faced the first of three rounds of testing doe our sons. Autism plus plus plus was the greatest mystery and all of the books, articles, conferences, and willing-to-help professionals make finding our “norm” quite possible…not easy or predictable but possible. RIP Dr. Webb from very grateful parents. 🙏

Valerie Marsh

Nearly 10’years ago as I was coming out of a divorce and struggling (yet again) to find the best education for my 2E/PG daughter, I heard Dr. Webb speak at an AAGT Conference. He just lit up the stage. I laughed until I cried. HE understood everything I was going going through with this amazing child and made me laugh about it! I felt there was no one else in the audience and he was speaking directly to me.

His books have made me a better parent. When I was recently asked to present on a speaker’s panel with him, I felt unworthy until I arrived and he smiled, shook my hand, and instantly made me feel that I had so much to offer that HE was excited to hear about!

The world has lost one of the brightest souls. We are all better parents, family members, educators, and advocates because of him. Our children’s lives are infinitely better because of his understanding, passion, and commitment to twice exceptionality and gifedness.

I send peace and love to his family and all who love him.

John Gould

Jim was a great human being. His professional accomplishments are well noted, but he was one of highest quality people you’ll ever meet. I clearly remember my first time meeting him and he always made a point to say hello at every event where our paths crossed. My thoughts and sympathies are with his family. A phenomenal educator – a better person.

Jamie Lee

I am heartbroken. I met him last year at a conference for gifted children. He could sense that I was in so much pain because I was at a loss for how to raise my highly gifted child. Embarrassingly, I broke into tears, and he gave me a big, sincere hug, and tons of great advice, in his warm, kind, gentle and reassuring voice. It is a lonely path the gifted kids, and their parents walk, in life, but his work has certainly made the walk, less lonely. He has done much good, on this planet.

Nicole Shannon

Jim was an amazing man, so kind and supportive. I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet him. His advocacy for gifted and social emotional needs won’t be forgotten. My deepest sympathies to his family.

Diane Nye

I never had the privilege of meeting Dr. Webb but I have read many of his works and looked up to him as one of the gurus of gifted education. I was trained as a SENG facilitator and so in awe of the power of the parent group to support each other. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Suki Wessling

Jim was a wonderful, warm human being who never seemed to stop thinking about other people and how he could make their lives better. It was an honor to know him and work with him. He always used to say when he saw me, “I can’t remember: are you a hugger?” For you, Jim, many, many hugs and many thanks. We will all miss you.

Roya Klingner

It is so sad to hear that Jim is gone and I can hardly stop my tears. My codolences to his family and friends. Gifted Education community lost a great passionate leaders. We miss you Jim but we will follow your way.

Tamara Fisher

Back in 2005, I serendipitously crossed paths with this wonderful, gracious man and he altered my professional trajectory. Writing for Great Potential Press was an honor, and it opened multiple other doors for me. But even more profound in my life (and many, many, many thousands of others) was Jim’s calm, genuine, caring, delightful nature. He was a pioneer, and by raising awareness about the social and emotional needs of the gifted, he impacted countless youth, parents, teachers, counselors, and others through his steady efforts to help as many as possible understand the gifted. I am grateful to have known him and proud to be one of his ripples in the world. He cheered me on. He always had a bear hug ready. He opened eyes. He saved lives. And his influence delicately, graciously, determinedly, and with absolute certainty changed many worlds for the better. 💙 Wrapping you in hugs and love, Jan and family…

E. schroder

I’m so sorry to hear this. I can’t even begin to tell you how Dr Webb’s book,” Guiding the GeffedChild” helped our family. It had a great impact on me, and our child, and helped us to better understand our situation and what we were experiencing. I’m sure his impact will be felt for a longtime and he will be missed by both those who knew and loved him, and those who only knew him through his words.

Adriane Ransom

My deepest sympathies to Jim’s family. It was such an honor to see him at this year’s SENG conference. He changed the course of our family’s life though his mission and we are eternally grateful.


Jim Webb and his efforts with SENG have truly helped our family and will be the lasting legacy of the support and help for children and parents looking for answer on such complex and confusing issues. Thank you and our thoughts and prayers go out to your family during this time.

Socorro, Mexico City

All our respect to Dr. James family. We are so grateful for being a light in our family and many families as well. Rest in peace, we will miss him.

Joanna A Baleson

Jim Webb was such a part of TAGT conferences. I always looked forward to his programs because he taught the rest of the room to understand giftedness. Jim was always so kind and respectful. He was a true gentleman. I appreciate so his contribution to gifted Ed. I will miss him. I learned so much about my children through his teachings. They are the adults they are today because he gave me the skills to deal with two gifted children at home who were as different as night and day. My condolences to his family. You are in my prayers as you grieve your loss. I hope you receive comfort from the outpouring of the gifted community. We so adored him for the man he was.

Michele Hall

Dr. Webb will be greatly missed. He was able to leave this world having made such an incredible impact, not only for me personally, but for the entire gifted community. I am so thankful for the multiple times I was able to hear him speak, as well as the time he took to speak with me personally at a point of great trial for my family. I give Dr. Webb’s family and friends my condolences and hope they find peace and comfort with his passing knowing how many people’s lives he directly effected.


With our deepest sympathies, I started reading his books when my son was only 18 months old and they allowed comfort and support and hope not to mention a lot of good ideas and information. Then we got to meet him when my son was in kindergarten and he took the time to generously give me personal advice. This is a very sad day for gifted education, but I know that his work will live on in the many people that he has taught.

Fiona J Smith

As a psychologist in this field I looked to Jim Webb for guidance, and his infinite patience, wisdom and marvellous sense of humour were always a delight. He was a truly gifted speaker and I am devastated that i missed the SENG conference this year, and thus, his last words about his areas of passion. I have referred to Jim’s work in talks to Psychologists here in Australia while trying to enlighten them about misdiagnosis and missed diagnoses in gifted individuals. Words fail me – not just a great loss to the gifted but a tremendous loss to psychology. Jim’s understanding of the divergent mind, it’s quirks and it’s hiccups will be remembered and treasured


Much needed cause,so often without help and encouragement they are labeled misfits,and bullied into submission, without a nurturing environment and understanding people, they are unable to reach their potential.

Rianne van de Ven

Deeply touched by this news. Also in the Netherlands Jim was a well beloved man and an important advocate for the social emotional needs of the gifted of all ages. He touched so many lives. His legacy is enormous. He searched and found his meaning.
My deepest sympathies are with all who are left behind, especially with Janet and his family.
I am very grateful for our last big hug and will allways remember the last words he spoke to me when we said goodbye in San Diego. Bye, my dearest Jim!!!


condolences to his family. His studies helped me. I would say I learn everything about gifted children by his books. Thanks and RIP.

Ijeoma Nwagwu

May Jim’s soul rest in perfect peace. His work lives on, continuing to touch many live in many parts of the world…his work sure anchors me – raising gifted kids in Africa. I pray for Jan and family for the fortitude to bear this loss. May you find comfort in good memories


Ten first time I heard Dr. James Webb present on traits of gifted children I suddenly felt less alone as a parent. My son had just been tested and qualified for gifted services but he was so different from the typical ‘smart kid’. Dr. Webbs’s presentation of the quirks, the intensities and sensitivities, of gifted individuals moved me to tears. For the first time as a parent I felt validated, understood, encouraged . . . connected. I teared up realizing that my son’s quirks were ___normal___ for a certain range of the population;, and I am teary-eyed now—as I type this post—with deep gratitude for his work. Sympathies for his family and friends; he will always be greatly appreciated by so many! May he Rest In Peace.

Sofie Van Loo

We will keep spreading his knowledge so he becomes a millionaire: one who changed the life of millions. He did change mine. All the best*

Shiori Sumiya

Dr. Webb had just told me, “Let’s keep in touch and do our best to enlighten giftedness in Japan. It will take long time, but we can do it. This translation publication will be a springboard for it.” at the SENG 2018 conference. I will achieve this vision with his support in my mind. My prayers are with his family.

Vanessa Heller

I am in shock. What a nice man, whose work helped me as a parent of a gifted child, as a recovering gifted child myself, and a teacher to gifted students. Dr. Webb was a ‘standard’ at CAG and last year we shared a drink, shop talk, and lots of laughs.
My sincere condolences to the family.
Vanessa Heller

Albert Kaput

Dear Jim, jou were the father who inspired me to step in the field of giftedness and the brother who always stood beside me in my work with gifted dropouts. Thank you for being the whise and warm person you where.
I wish family and friends strength with this loss.

Tania Gevaert

It is with great warmth I look back on a brief talk with James after a workshop. His work has inspired me for years to make a difference, his words last year made me go on. Thank you, Jim! My thoughts today are with your family.

Sonja Morbe

O, veel te vroeg gegaan. James Webb is vrijdag 27 juli 2018 overleden. Hij is 78 jaar geworden. Ik heb hem twee jaar geleden mogen ontmoeten op Novilo congres. Ik wilde niks liever dan nogmaals hem een keer te mogen ontmoeten.

Zo’n fijne slimme sensitieve man met veel kennis en humor. Gelachen en gehuild in zijn workshop.

En zoals de tekst schrijft: een hele fijne omhelzing. Hij is echt in het moment, authentiek. Echte omhelzing.

Hij heeft zo’n waardevolle boeken geschreven, voor de wereld.

Dankjewel James Webb voor alles wat je hebt gedaan. Je zit in mijn hart!

Always in my heart! Many love and strenght to the family.

Thanks for everything you did for the world. I will reading all your books again and again. To early to lose such a nice, sensitive, intelligent men with lot’s of humor. I met him in 2016 Novilo congres Netherlands, wish I could met him again.

Always in my heart! Many love and strenght to the family.

The Netherlands
Sonja Morbé

J de Jong

I’m so sorry for your loss. Two years ago James changed my life. Grateful I had the chance to meet him and recieven one of his hugs. May he rest in peace.

Angelique van Zon

My condolences to Mr. Webbs family, Friends and collegaes. He was a great men and a very pIeasant speaker. I met him at a conference and he immediately became my idol. It is really a great loss for all people. He had so much to tell everybody. Kind regards, Angelique van Zon, The Netherlands

Louise van Swaaij

So sad to hear that James Webb has passed away. How lucky I am to have met him, last year in the Netherlands. During his masterclass he asked: “Who has been the person that had a tremendous influence on you, who taught you something that will be for ever valuable? A mentor, a friend perhaps. Think about that for a moment”. And then: “Did you say thank you that person?”
I did and I will do it again: Thank you sir, for your inspirational lessons and writings. I will remember those and also your kind, warm voice and words.
What you have done for the gifted community is invaluable and will be passed on for generations to come.
My condolences to your family, friends and colleages.

Petra van den Heuvel

My condoleances. I look forward to meet the psychologist in his books. Unfortunately, too late to meet him in person.

Valerie Fowler

The Fowler Family is devastated. Such sad news. A huge loss. Jim was not only an exemplary psychologist, but an old family friend, and our personal hero. Thank you Jim, for your love, support, understanding, compassion and the numerous good deeds that you did in this world. We will miss you.

Petra van de Kraats-Hop

My condolences to the family and friends of this great man. His SENG lives on!
Kind regards, Petra van de Kraats- Hop
The Netherlands

Hilde Buys

Very sad news to wake up to. Our deepest condolences on your loss.

Pauline Coret

My condolences to his family. I met him at the conference of IHBV in Amsterdam and I was so glad that I could have a word with him, because he is one of my bigest idols! His passing away is a great loss for the world, we have lost a great and very kind man.

Sylvia Hoppenbrouwers

O, no. How sad. Through his books and inspirational stories he will always be in my heart.

He greatly inspired me and helped me tremendously in certain moments I was not in equilibrium and not happy with my gifted self. Let us try to do our best by keeping his legacy alive, he has had and I am sure always will have such a positive impact in the gifted world.

My condoleances to his family.
Lots of love,

Katja Eager

I’m so incredibly sad to hear that James has passed away. My sincere condolences to the family. I’ve had the pleasure to hear James speak at a conference in Christchurch 2 years ago, he was simply incredible. His books have been a life line for our family over so many years and were such a help in navigating the jungle of bringing up gifted children. I’m grateful that I had the chance to thank him personally for all his work and yes, he did give the best hugs.

Noks Nauta

A deep shock I felt when I heard of the unexpected death of Jim. My warm love and condolences for Janet and the family. Jim was an incomparable person who did a lot for many people all over the world. His knowledge on giftedness and the way he wrote and spoke about it is unique.
I met him at several SENG conferences and twice in The Netherlands, where he also made a deep impression with his expertise and his personal style. He was always open for personal reactions from the audience afterwards and he enjoyed that.
I am sure he will never be forgotten.

Mary St George

I will remember Jim for the wisdom, compassion and sincerity he brought to the gifted education community. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

Laetitia Jongkind

My condolences to all who miss him. I am greatfull for the opportunity that I had to have an enlightning conversation with him last year.
I will keep spreading his books and also I will read them over and over.

Joanna Pike Vandenbos

I am so, so sorry to hear about the passing of such a wonderful man. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones.

Dr. Webb will be greatly missed. Fortunately, he leaves an extremely valuable legacy. He has meant so much (and will continue to mean so much) to the ‘gifted community’.


I had the pleasure to finally meet Dr. Webb this past year and had a few minutes of his time. It was a fantastic experience to meet such an impressive man who has done amazing work for our community. My condolences to all impacted by his passing.

Tom Greenspon

Jim’s openness and curiosity were always evident in our conversations. For those of us “of a certain age,” this is a stunning reminder to treasure our time together.

Jonna Bird

My condolences to the Webb family. I met Dr Webb on several occasions, he is an inspiration to the gifted community. My prayers are with you during this time of great loss.

Rima Binder

With deep sadness of the loss of one of the greats in gifted education. Jim Webb was a man of gentle wisdom but also a man whose voice made a difference in the lives of many. His kindness each time we met will always be remembered and cherished. My condolence to his wife and family. I, along with others , in the field of gifted mourn his unexpected death.

Caryn Morrow

My condolences to the Webb Family.

Tijl Koenderink

I’m still having difficulty processing the news of Jim’s departure. He has had a profound influence on me in my development with his books being one of first I ever read on the topic. Over the years I was so grateful to see him move from inspirator from afar to being my publisher to him and Janet becoming dear friends. Earlier this year we were lucky enough to spend quite a bit of personal time with Jim and Janet at their home in Tucson creating memories I will never forget.

I would like to express my sincere condolences to his friends and family and wish them strength in the coming period.

Deborah Ruf

I am so shocked and saddened that we have all lost the earthly presence of Jim Webb. Seeing this news has made me aware that, for me, Jim represented “being home.” A conference had more substance because he and Jan were there. I loved to visit the GPP booth, chat with them both. Jim and Jan generously walked me through the writing of my first book about Levels of Gifted. It’s clear from reading through the condolences and thoughts of so many others that Jim had an uncanny ability to make each of us feel close, comfortable, valuable, important – at home – when with him. There is a hole in my heart. Rest In Peace, Jim. You’ve left this world a better place.

Joy Navan

Dear Jan and Family, My heart breaks at the news of Jim’s passing! I was so fortunate to receive one of his special hugs last week and the SENG Conference. He lighted a torch in me and so many others in the gifted community and gifted individuals throughout the world are, and will be, better as a result of his influence. Please know that my prayers and sincere condolences are offered for your loss! May your fond memories of Jim comfort you in the days to come! Love, Joy

Razel Solow

Dear Jan and Family,

Like so many others, I was shocked yesterday to receive news of Jim’s death. He was always so encouraging as Celeste and I wrote our book. More importantly, he added so much to our field’s understanding about the social and emotional needs of gifted children. I will write to you personally, but in the meantime, know that our hearts are with you as you grieve. Love to you and the entire family. Razel Solow

Sunny McLennan

My condolences to the family. He will be missed by many because he gave so much to so many.

Jenny Kowal

Dr Webb’s work changed so many lives for the better. I have used his articles in several meetings with teachers and his “Searching for Meaning” book was extremely important in helping my gifted son through a difficult time. He has undoubtedly helped so many understand their complexities and avoid extra pain. What a legacy.

Kate Maupin

Jim will be missed in so many ways. His legacy within the field of gifted education will live on in the hearts and minds that he touched, but also, his sincere messages of acceptance, compassion, and understanding will ripple out for years to come. Jim Webb treated everyone he met as a friend, with kindness and support for even the most downtrodden of us. He lived his life in a way that triumphed the values so inherent to his love of family, scholarship, and the pursuit of making the world a better place. I cherish that I had the opportunity to know him. I will be forever blessed by the impact he’s had on my life. My deepest condolences to Jan, his girls, and the rest of his family and colleagues in this time of sorrow.

Dan Peters

Jim was a mentor and friend. I am shocked and sad. I feel grateful to have spent time with him at SENG, not knowing it was to be the last. The gifted community has lost a wonderful person and champion. I will miss you greatly Jim. We will continue to do the work you taught us to do.

Yun Xing

As a parent of a gifted kid, I am forever grateful for SENG and Dr Webb’s books on gifted children education. Thank you so much and rest in peace, Dr Webb.

Jim Delisle

Jim was an original in so many ways. In his quiet, respectful, southern way, he reached countless numbers of people in his quest to better the lives of gifted children and those who care about them. I will miss my friend but find joy and comfort in knowing that his legacy will be eternal.

Albert Kaput

The board of the foundation WEBB (ie translated from Dutch: “Working at the emotional needs of the gifted”) condolences the family and friends of James T. Webb with their loss.
James was a source of inspiration for the foundation and a number of board members knew him personally.
We express the wish that James’ ideas will live on and that the memory of him will continue to inspire us in our work with the gifted. Thank you James for the ripple in the water that you have set in motion.
Albert Kaput, Karel Jurgens , Priscilla Keeman, Lia Binnema en Desirée Houkema.
The Netherlands

Marlaine Cover

Tears flowing like a river this morning learning of Dr. Webb’s sudden passing. My affections and appreciation for him run so deep words choke. But I am going to give it a go anyway because he always went the extra mile to say the difficult with sensitivity and kindness, expanding all of our hearts and minds in the process. In my role as Founder of Parenting 2.0 and President of our non-profit, The Global Presence, I am fortunate to meet many passionate, heart-centric and deep thinking Life Skills professionals. Dr. Webb was the heart among the heartful guided, rare in his profound humility and love for all steps of the journey. His book Guiding the Gifted Child rendered me also to rare tears with its breadth, accuracy, and beauty. I am grateful his Great Transition from human to angel form was as seamless as he was and extend the gentlest of hugs and prayers to all blessed to love and learn from him as we memorialize his great works and mourn his physical passing.

Cally Rogers-Witte

My husband, Frank, and I are devastated by this news. It’s been quite a while since we spent time with Jim and Jan but we frequently say to each other how much we would like to see them! Frank first met Jim when they studied together to pass the Arizona test to be licensed Psychologists in that state and then I had the immense privilege of officiating at their wedding. What a beautiful couple and what a gentle giant of a man (intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually)!

Sharon Hager

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Webb speak at the OAGC conference last October. I was impressed by his thorough understanding of all stages of giftedness- from child to adolescent to adult, and his ability to look at all the stages with a sense of humor. He will be greatly missed!

Jennifer Hunter

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Webb once and it was wonderful to be speaking with someone who really understood the plight of the gifted. Sadly finding people who do understand is still rare, but thanks to Dr. Webb’s great work more people than ever do understand. He touched so many people’s lives and offered help where there was none before him. Dr. Webb was a great man and I am so sad to hear of his passing. Wishing his family all the best during this difficult time.

Paula Hillmann

My heartfelt condolences to the Webb Family. Jim left a treasured legacy and an indelible mark on the study and needs of gifted people. I was first introduced to Jim while a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (PhD ’93) and have used his work throughout the years. He offered HOPE for the many gifted-talented-creative individuals who struggle with emotional difficulties. I know he will continue to be an angel resting on my shoulder as I continue work in the field. Peace and love, Dr. Paula Hillmann (retired Faculty Emerita, University of Wisconsin-Madison) and practicing counseling psychologist (Stillpoint Counseling Services in Elm Grove, WI)

Maureen McDermid

Jim recently shared his passion and expertise in support of gifted individuals with families, educators and medical professionals in Vancouver, BC Canada in April of this year. His impact was immense and has left a legacy which we will build on to continue his work. We are immensely saddened by this news and our condolences to his family and friends comes with the assurance that his work will continue through the inspiration he left here.
We are grateful for his life’s work, generousity and legacy which we carry forth. On behalf of the Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia.

Vickie Curd Ladt

Everyone loved and respected Jim and he will be dearly missed. Ric and I just saw him at the SENG conference and were so happy we had the opportunity to catch up with him. He came to my presentation and was so engaged in the Q & A afterwards for which I will always be grateful. My deepest condolences to his family, friends, and to his many, many colleagues in the world of gifted education who have lost an icon. His lifelong work, his words, and his passion will live on through the many lives he has inspired and touched.

Sabine Paschen-Schnarkowski

What a loss at first für his family, but also for his friends and all gifted children. I am very sorry!

Marieke Schuurman

Dear webb familie,

What a schock to hear that James passend away,. Hè was always there, with true attention, patience, inspirational conversation and humor. He was for me a great mirror to know that I was on the right track. Thank you so much for the time you were all in his background to support him. Best wishes for the time to come. Warm greatings, Marieke Schuurman – van der Heyden, The Netherlands

Brigit Brinkman

Last year I had the honor and privilege of meeting James and Janet during his SMPG facilitator training in The Netherlands. The news of James passing away unexpectedly comes as a big shock to me. His legacy inspires me in my day to day life and work. I wish Janet and family and friends strength to cope with this big loss. He was a true inspirational visionair.

Cindy Z Hansen

Selfishly I think of my personal loss of an amazingly kind mentor and generous soul. I also grieve for the world who has lost a leader for our precious and fragile gifted community.
I will rejoice in all that he has given us and will continue to give us in his talks- both public and private-, in SENG and in his writings. He has given so much to my client & SENG families through me and my colleagues and he will continue to do so.
I will always cherish his generosity of hugs and positive guidance as recently as our last few famous hugs in SENGdiego.
Finally, to all of you, his precious family who he bragged about with such love: I hope that you had a wonderful reunion before his parting.

Shannon Harrison

Jim was such an inspiration and a mentor to so many of us. I learned so much from him. He was so incredibly compassionate and such an amazing man. He will very much be missed.

Jan DeLisle

Dr. Webb was my ‘go to’ guy for advice about the complex. The world will be a little less compassionate without him. Deepest sympathies to his family. Thank you for sharing him with an adoring following.

Sandra von Känel

My condolences to his family and friends. This is a big loss for all of us in the world of giftedness. I had the pleasure to meet him twice, attend workshops and talk to him. He was apart from his enormous knowledge so positive and encouraging and had a good sense of humor. Rest in peace. Sandra from Zurich, Switzerland.

Kelly Merrill

I am very sorry to hear of this loss to, most importantly, your family but also to the academic world and to the families of gifted children and the children themselves. I Dr. Webb speak recently in Tacoma and was brought to tears to hear of his passion for children with bright minds and their social and emotional needs. He inspired us to make a more appropriate decision for our son’s educational tract. We are thankful for him!

Carmen Baysinger

I met Dr. Webb the first time last week at the SENG conference. At the end of the conference, we were both quietly standing on the patio. I thanked him for his wisdom. What a beautiful gift to share with the world.

He will be greatly missed, however, he lives on in each of us.

My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

J hp de Jongh

Dear family of Mr Webb,
My sincerest condolences for the loss of your beloved husband, father, grandfather, and family member, as well as a friend, and colleague to many.
In the early days of a career for me in the world of making the world clearer on gifted people, I now know for sure, having read a few books and articles already, and being experienced on first hand with this item, that I want to carry on and out all there is to know and learn about gifted and their needs so the work of a great person will forever be handed on to the next generation. Lets all reunite, discover and hand on and out all there is and will come, to help make the world a place for everone to develop as well as possible.

Kind regards

Joke de Witt

This wise man will be missed.

Michael Shaughnessy

Jim was a giant and a legend as well as a good friend and colleague and mentor. His work impacted many children families and others in the field of gifted. I so much appreciated his feedback and wisdom and the time we shared. Jim, I will do my best to make sure your work lives on !

Patricia Gommans

My condolences.
He was a inspiring man to listen to and to read his books.
Thank you James for sharing so much informatie!
Kind regards Patricia

Folkert Offereins

I met Jim in 2015. I was impressed not by his knowledge, although impressive, but by his personality. Open honest and knowning. I only met him short and i’m greatfull for that moment. I can’t imagine what he must have meant for family and friends. My condolences to mr Webb’s family, friends and collegaes. Folkert Offereins The Netherlands


Jim vivira siempre dentro de mi corazón y continuara siendo la luz que ilumina mi vida personal y profesional. Descanse en paz estimado profesor!


On behalf of Los Angeles Unified School District, we are reaching out to recognize Dr. Webb for his support and decades-long collaboration to address the social-emotional needs of gifted/talented learners. His books, presentations, and support have left an indelible impression on the students, parents, educators, and psychologists in our district. This is a tremendous loss to the Gifted and Talented Education community. We will continue to honor Dr. Webb’s message and legacy through our work. We extend our deepest condolences to his family.

Heidi Molbak

Jim’s death has left me both utterly disoriented with grief and at the same time exploding with gratitude and shock for his impact on the lives of gifted individuals around the world.

Like he was to so many, Jim was a shining beacon in my life, a father figure, and he was a true friend. I can’t believe he’s gone. We’ll carry on your work, Jim, by every day trying to make the world more socially and emotionally safe for our gifted children and adults around the world. All my love to Janet, your daughters and grand children. Peace be with you.

Vickie Briercheck

He never failed to inspire me. Thousands of gifted children and adults are better off, for his having been here.


He was a fantastic listener who inspired some of my best work with gifted children. His legacy will continue on through all of us who felt the live that he exuded. Thanks for your dedication to gifted learners and their families.

Julie Zahs

I went to several of Dr. Webb’s sessions/presentations at the Iowa Gifted Conferences. I always knew I would learn a lot and be totally inspired by him. He was amazing and so willing to share his knowledge. He will be missed.

Jean Peterson

With his enduring, compassionate advocacy, Jim paved the way for gentle legions. What a remarkable presence he had–and will continue to have. Gratefully, Jean Peterson

Elizabeth Smith

One of my favorite Arizona memories was thanks to Jim Webb.

Jim plotted with Bart to get me up in the air–in his single engine plane–as a Valentine’s Day surprise in 2016. I had never been in a small plane before, and was surprised by how calm I felt as we took off from Marana. That’s mainly because Jim was an excellent pilot. Truly excellent. He was always so calm and knowledgable, and his passion for flying oozed out in all he taught us along the way. But he also let it be silent now and then so we could soak in all this beautiful state has to offer.

His landing on the mesa in Sedona was pretty amazing, as he guided that plane down gently despite the crazy winds. After lunch, he led us over to the Grand Canyon and was happy to let me take the reins for a few minutes. He just smiled his mischievous smile as I giggled with nervousness. It was fun mainly because I knew Jim was really in control! Late that afternoon we flew back to Tucson and he got us back on the ground in time for us to get to our dinner commitment. Just another day for Jim, but he also knew that by sharing his time and talent, he’d given us such a special gift.

We always thought we’d get back up in the air with Jim again. He wanted that, too. There was talk of seeing the whales off the shores of Cabo. Or maybe we could hop over to ABQ for a quick lunch, or Palm Springs for a night. The possibilities felt endless! But now we’re left with the sweet memories of that day in February over Arizona, as the bitter news of his death sinks in. Jim made the world a better place through his profession and the way he loved his family and friends, and I’ll forever be grateful he shared his passion for flying with us. Rest in peace, Jim. We’ll miss you.

Glenda Olsen

I never had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Webb but I’m grateful to him for founding SENG. My daughter has served as a group facilitator for SENG and is the parent of two gifted boys. The SENG organization provided her with a place to talk with others who were experiencing similar challenges in parenting gifted children and the conferences were a wonderful setting to learn from experts in the field. Thank you to Dr. Webb for seeing a need, and filling it.

Maud van Thiel

I want to offer my sincere condolences to James family and friends. James was a charming, caring, inspiring and wise man. He will be missed. It was a privilege to meet him. With his work and his person he was – is and will be – of inestimable value, not only for the gifted community, but also for myself. I am thankful for his support and appreciation, which was of great value to my work with gifted adults.

Trudy Wallace

Dr Webb was a great friend of Chicago Public Schools’ staff, students and their families. We are so sorry for your loss and offer our condolences on the passing of a wonderful man.


He coached my husband and I on parenting our PG2e child, and made me feel heard and understood. His advice was spot on, and impacted our entire family. We will always be grateful for his help and guidance. A wonderful man.

VAGTC Australia

Our hearts go out to all who you have worked with, who you have helped, and who you have championed. Vale, Dr. James T. Webb and thank you for all you have done. From Victoria, Australia.


Estimado profesor Jim, lo guardare en mi corazón iluminando mi sendero personal y profesional. Descanse en paz!


Ever grateful for his support of our gifted kids. Glad I had the opportunity to meet him.

Tracy Harrington

I am heartbroken to hear about Jim’s passing. It is so hard to believe after seeing him looking so well in SENGDiego. It took a while for it to sink in to me that it’s true. As with so many others, Jim changed my life and the lives of my children for the better.

Jim was the first person I connected with at my first SENG conference in 2014, and the last person I said good-bye to this year. In between, he helped me to understand myself and my family, to recognize there is a need to help Gifted Adults in the area of employment (and meaning), to believe in myself and in my abilities to take on the challenge, and to understand the importance of working together within the gifted community. We exchanged an unspoken agreement at the pre-conference panel that I will be one of the people to carry on his important work, and I will honour that commitment in my area of work – one of so many ripples he has created over the years through his inspirational work.

I am so sad that we have lost such a wonderful person, and yet I am grateful that he was able to live his life fully to the end. The SENG conference last week was wonderful and he seemed to be everywhere with his gentle smile and that twinkle in his eyes. And to hear that he was in Mexico with his family in the days after SENG seems like a beautiful ending to a life so well lived.

Rest In Peace Jim
Thank you for sharing your light

Sabrina Bear

Sorry for the loss of a great man, a legacy, he will be missed by all. Barry Kennedy and I had dinner with him and his wife Saturday the 21st of July in San Diego, CA. We enjoyed their company. May God Bless the family and friends that loved him so much.

Catherine Gruener

Greg and I are deeply saddened to hear the news of Jim passing. We have fond memories of hosting him through Loyola Medical Center where his heart and focus on detail while training mental health professionals, who had no training on the social and emotional issues of gifted had profound affects on all who attended. Lots of love and thoughts to all of his family on his passing. Dr. Gregory and Catherine Gruener


I’m so deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Webb. I’m so thankful that I had a chance to meet him in Orlando, Florida. His legacy endures in the work that he did and the many people he has helped through SENG and other platforms. Because of his work, my son who is pg is doing a lot better and I have been able to direct many parents with their children’s I know the world will miss his presence. My deepest condolences to his family and the SENG family.

Susan Sweeney

What a loss for our world and gifted advocacy community. When I was a very new GT parent group leader looking for guest speakers who could inspire parents and help GT kids, I reached out to Dr. Webb. He was a quick and easy “yes” without a lot of hassle or fanfare on fairly short notice. He flew his own plane which gave him flexibility and he was so generous with his time and so gracious to our group. I will miss him. My sincerest condolences to his wife family.

Joanne Foster

Jim Webb was a leader, a scholar, a caring teacher, and a true gentleman. I am grateful for the time I spent working with him, for the faith he had in me as an author, for everything I learned from his shared wisdom, and for all he contributed to the field of gifted education—and beyond. His impact was profound. I hope that Jan and the entire Webb family take comfort in knowing that Jim’s teachings and contributions will live on through the accomplishments of the countless people he mentored and encouraged. I will always remember his smile, his sense of humor, his compelling insights, and his fervor to help others. May his memory be a blessing, and bring strength to those who mourn.

Alena R Treat, PhD

My heart is heavy… missing a great man who was so kind and always a pleasure to be around. He will be greatly missed. He will always be greatly loved.

beth moore

What an inspirational and kind professional! Rest in peace. Prayers to all those mourning.

Cedric L. Alexander

My heart is heavy and saddened at this very moment…May GOD bless the Webb family in their time of oss.
Cedric L. Alexander
SOPP, 1997

Tim Costello

Dr. Webb’s passing is a huge loss for the gifted community. As the head of a gifted, independent school, I am most grateful for Dr. Webb’s innumerable contributions to the field, especially his seminal work with SENG. Understanding and supporting the social and emotional growth of gifted learners is critical to their success. After all, a meaningful education teaches children how to make both a living and a life.

Sylvia Rimm

I am forever grateful to Jim Webb for his major contribution to the gifted children forever. His leadership in the area of social emotional needs inspired parents and educators alike. He was an inspiration to me in my own psychologist career and a great friend. I will miss him very much.

Sylvia Rimm

I am forever grateful to Jim Webb for his major contribution the gifted children forever. His leadership in the area of social emotion needs inspired parents and educators alike. He was an inspiration to me in my psychologist career as he was a great friend. I will miss him very much.


I heard Dr. Webb speak once a few years ago, and it changed the course of my family’s life. At the time my eldest son was really struggling, and upon hearing Dr. Webb I realized that so many of challenges were simply a normal part of being gifted. I laughed and cried and took a million notes as he recounted story after story of kids who sounded just like my own. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so alone. I knew there were others in our shoes out there and resources to help my son not only thrive but truly blossom. I walked away with a new sense of hope and a stack of Great Potential Press books.

While we are still learning and growing on this journey, that day and the resources it pointed me to dramatically changed our lives for the better. I am forever grateful to Dr. Webb and the gift he shared with us.

Liz Bradshaw

I am so sad – for his family, for the gifted world. Over the years he has given me wise council, encouragement and support. Such a wise, unpretentious and generous man. I will deeply miss him.

Gifted Resources Newsletter August 2018 No 1 | Gifted Resources

[…] Sad news for the gifted community with the passing of Dr. James T. Webb founder of SENG and Great Potential Press. His obituary can be read at […]

Sandra Warren

I am in total shock! It saddens me deeply to hear of the loss of an amazing psychologist, mentor, husband, father, grandfather and friend. His legacy will live on in the thousands perhaps millions of young lives throughout the world touched through educators and parents who were guided by his wisdom. Jim touched me personally as a mentor and friend.

My heart goes out to Jan and the family. May the love he generated around the world surround and comfort all of you in this time of sorrow.

Lance Decker

I’m sad to hear Jim has passed. He was one of the finest, most honorable men I’ve known, and was a real inspiration to me. Jim helped me develop my publishing business in the late 1990’s, introduced me to a number of wonderful resources, and became a friend to my youngest son, Matt. When I think of Jim I think of his interest in airplanes and flying. He took my mother and me on a plane ride to Sedona once; she said it was one of the highlights of moving to Arizona.

Vernastene Black

My heart goes out to the Webb family. Thanks to Dr. Webb, our gifted students’ education is thriving and never placed on the back burner. Job well done. Rest in Glory, Dr. Webb. You will surely be missed.

Wendy J. Eisner, Ph.D.

We at the Achilles Project, Nassau Community College, NY, send condolences to Jim Webb’s family. His work helped so many people. In particular, we found Misdiagnoses and Dual Diagnoses to be especially helpful when we were designing our post-secondary program for the twice-exceptional student.

Katie Augustyn

I am very saddened by Jim’s passing. He meant a lot to me and to so many others. His dedication to making the world a better place for gifted and 2e children and adults was truly amazing, and he HAS made a huge difference. His work and teachings will continue to live on. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

Lee Collver-Richards

Thank you, Jim for the love , truth and commitment your compassion and brilliance has given to families across the globe. You inspired me to create Studio Schools at HEART Academy in Jamaica and Haiti! Your books have nourished parent groups and changed the way we treat all our children who are the future. You taught me how to become conscious of the dialogue in my head and saved my life.

My deepest condolences to your family. May they know the peace surpassing understanding.

It is an honor to have know and worked with you Jim Webb.

Joel McIntosh

Jim and I always found a little time to visit at education conferences in between his ever-popular presentations. Jim and I traded stories and swapped information about book publishing. I valued his guidance and humor. He was a good businessman and effective advocate for gifted children. The field of gifted education has lost of big heart and strong voice. My heart goes out to Jim’s loved ones.


My heart is saddened at the news of Dr. Webb’s passing. He was such a wonderful and caring man. Even though gifted education will not be the same without him, gifted education will be forever changed because of him, and gifted children everywhere will be forever positively impacted by his teachings and research. Thank you Dr. Webb, you are already greatly missed.

Doreen Woolley

So sad to hear this!! Jim had such a powerful influence on me and gave me the confidence and training I needed to help hundreds of parents of gifted children. He will be missed greatly, but leaves a legacy that few can claim!! Condolences to Janet and all the family. Sending prayers to all.


I had the pleasure of meeting Jim at the Power Up Potential Conference in Vancouver, BC Canada this past April. He was such a knowledgeable and compassionate speaker. I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to hear him speak and appreciate all that he has done for gifted and twice exceptional who are often misunderstood. My heartfelt condolences to Jim’s family. May all of you find peace and closure. Jim was a very special person who touched me. I cherish his book “Searching for Meaning” and so grateful that he signed a copy for me.

Ali Oshinsky

Dr. Webb visited my kids’ school a couple of years ago and I got the opportunity to soak in his profound knowledge and experience with gifted children. He was kind and humble and had a wonderful sense of humor. I am a better parent because of the time I got to spend with him that day. May he rest in peace knowing that thousands of gifted children are better understood because of his life’s work.

Marcie Booth

I’m surprised and very saddened to hear of Dr. Jim Webb’s passing. I’ve heard him speak on several occasions and even met with him a few times to discuss my ideas for supporting our G/2E community. He always supported me and encouraged me to forge onward. When my oldest PG/2E son was a precocious toddler and I knew nothing about parenting gifted or special needs children I found the SENG website and received support and information about our challenges. I learned to open my heart to my unique child and how to accept him and nurture him. Today he is a 22 year old young adult and is finding his joy in obtaining an engineering degree. Thanks to Jim Webb for all of your support in helping me/ us guide our son’s life!
Jim was a professional member of our 2E community on FB, Twice Exceptional/ 2E Network International, and he contributed information for all of our members. I consider him a friend and mentor. I and our 2E community will miss him greatly! Sending hugs for comfort and best wishes to his family, friends and colleagues. Love and Hugs, Jim!

Don C Pearson, MD, JD - Brother in Law

Ave atque vale, Jim.

—advenio has miseras, frater, ad inferias, I have come, Brother, to these melancholy rites,
ut te postremo donarem munere mortis to show this final honor to the dead,
et mutam nequiquam adloquerer cinerem, and speak to your silent ashes,
quandoquidem fortuna mihi tete abstulit ipsum… since now fate takes you, even you, from me…
ave atque vale. ‘Hail and Farewell’

Gaius Valerius Catullus

Wendy Tuccille

My gifted son is thriving because of Jim’s wisdom and because of SENG. I have no doubt our son and family’s path would have been radically different, dark and sad without all we have learned because of SENG and Jim. Words do not adequately express our gratitude.

Donna J. Palmer-Carey

Loved his work. Enjoyed reading his books.want his vision to carry on, because it is so important. His work made me a better educator to all children.

Sarah Mason

My children are thriving as young adults thanks to everything that I had learned from Dr. Webb. They have amazing careers in NYC, Seattle, and Austin! Your legacy will live on. I am so glad I had the chance to meet you in person! Thank you for coming to speak in our small suburban town in north Texas!

Marion Kee

What a generous, good person–and what an effective leader. The gifted community was a lot smaller before he founded SENG! Still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that he won’t be there at the next SENG Conference. Sincere condolences to his wife, Jan, his daughters, family and many friends and colleagues. I am so very sorry for this loss.

Ranae Monsen

My heart goes out to your family, you helped my family when we were in despite need to understand our three children’s 2e gifts and challenges.
Because of one of his articles he gave me the courage to get the services our 2e kids needed,as well as be the Guiding force behind understanding and our 2 profoundly gifted, and one highly gifted Children. He inspired me to be trained as a SENG facilitator and I’ve had the privilege of sharing with many other parents the things I’ve learned. What a remarkable man.
I lost my own Father just a few days after Mr. Webb’s passing, another man who like Mr Webb left his own mark through serving his fellow man, as Fernette Eide wrote to me, Heaven has a lot of special people there currently! Again this man made a huge difference in the lives of my family we will be Eternally grateful!
Thank you, may the Lord bless you at this difficult time.
The Monsen Family from Salt Lake City, Utah

Yoliani Saud

Thank you Dr. Webb for your deep wisdom and inspiration, and your willingness to help us understand, accept, and love ourselves and guide other gifted children. Your books changed my life. I will be forever grateful and never forget you. Wish I could have met you. My deepest condolences to all the Webb family.

Valentin Villa

Sad for his departure from this physical world, but joyful for having met Dr. Webb. He now has transcended again to continue his journey to enlightenment. While with us, he transformed the mind of many and helped us to see gifted children with more compassion and love. His energy and smile were beautiful and generous gifts that stay in the heart of every person who met him and children he helped. Rest In Peace Dr. Webb and God bless you

Aicha Raqibi

Dear Dear Dear Dr. James T. Webb…

I admire all the Things you did/ do/done, for al the most People Gifted or not), and for youre self ofcourse. …….

I read about you/and heard about you, from a Top Intervieuw, with one lady of a Miljoen(Triljoen), my TOP-COACH “Adrienne van den Bos from GIFTED PEOPLE…..

When i heard the news, per e-mail from my
TOP-COACH (Adrienne van den Bos, from Gifted People), i was in shock….. Also for youre Family, and a whole lot of people who is missing you right now, every day, every second and a whole life a had……

By Purpus “Yesterday”, i just was looking into the sky(line), at night time.
Also was i thinking, there a bove with the twinkling stars “Are the good People”to soon gone away, with moe ” a nice and other lives before them.”..

Here down (stars), I think about you, ofcourse as many many many many others…

Dear Dear Dear Dr. Dokter James, thank you for al youre wisdom and books and intervieuws and al you news that reach us for knowledge….

One of A Miljoen/Triljoen Man are you for me and a lot of people more…., sprakling lightly with others Stars, but you Dokter Dr.James, youre Shining wil and be Sparakling al the others Stars Above, like you did with us a live (Under)….👨‍🍳🧞‍🥉🥉🥉🥉🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏆🏆🏆♥️♥️♥️♥️🌝🌜🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thanx You, Thanx Giftness….

From Holland…

With love……

Regina Arnold

Dr. Webb has had a tremendous impact on my family through SENG for many years, and I finally got the chance to thank him at the conference in San Diego two weeks ago. My heart goes out to the family, and I pray God’s comfort and peace for them at this difficult time. To honor him, we can follow his example of building strong relationships, sharing our knowledge and time, modeling good character, and living a life of significance.

Bob Dell

I was student and trainee under Jim at SENG years ago . Last saw him in Hartford 5 yrs or so back and told him of our son Gabriel who was born with Angelman Syndrome. At once Jim recognized the heartbreak and the incredible joy of our parenting experience and conveyed his congratulations and compassion. Angelman kids are gifted and talented huggers/kissers. Not a day goes by in my practice without a “Webbism” or a Webb story. A true mensch.

Chandana Watagodakumbura

I was inspired by Dr.James Webb’s work including what is available on SENG website at a time in life I badly needed them in my life. His work contributed significantly to my survival possibly and whatever I have achieved as a human being so far. I will continue to be influenced by his work and I will pass his message to the world to the best of my ability


Sent you all my love from Nijmegen (Netherlands) Great Great Pioneer Thanks Thank u , Toedelz Bil

Kyla Fields

I have heard Jim speak several times at conferences. His message resonated with me & I went to. chat with him after one of his speaking sessions;. From then on I would stop by to talk every time I saw him at a conference. . Kind, passionate for the oft overlooked needs of the gifted population, knowledgeable & open to all who approached him. Our conversations led to my reading several of his books which have been my go-tos when ounseling families of my gifted students. Jim served his ‘tribe’ tirelessly & effectively, with humor, engagement & conviction. Rest In Peace. You will be missed, Jim.

Margaret Westaway

Thank you for all you have done for our Gifted community. You’ve touched so many lives.

Ruth Krider

I hope Jan and all the children and grandchildren are getting a small idea of how much Jim meant to the world through these posts. We are all so grateful to them for sharing him with all of us. I use Jim and Jan’s research, tips, common sense and advocacy for children each and every day in my job as well as raising a 2E child. I grieve for those left here, but am inspired to keep working towards every kid reaching their own high potential, academically and emotionally. Thank you, Jim, and all our love, Ruth (and Barb, Helen and Tom)

Truus van der Kaaij, the Netherlands

Dearest Jim,
we first met at the Dabrowski conference in 2010 in Calgary. I was impressed by your sensitivity for those having a hard time at that moment. I’ll never forget the picture that is still at the back of my eye. You have been a model. Many thanks for all your efforts to guide emotions.
Wish you a good journey.

shiona k

This is very sad news, I saw Dr. Webb here in Vancouver in April and I could have listened to him for days. He had such a gift for the spoken word and was so very inspiring and funny. What a loss and he was so full of life. Thank you for sharing your husband, dad, grandfather, teacher and wise man with all of us who are seeking some wisdom and comfort on the subject of giftedness. For sure Dr. Webb gave this to me.


A few years ago, when my husband and I found suggestions and advice from SENG, we found hope and direction to support our kids. From then on, Dr Webb’s books and SENG became resources for daily guiding and support for our kids.

Thank you Dr. Webb!

Christine Turo-Shields

We know not the hour nor the time . . . and Jim’s unexpected will be felt deeply. He was such a visionary and a legend, giving such guidance to each of us. He touched me personally & professionally. His book, Guiding the Gifted Child, left an indelible imprint on me . . . it opened my eyes to the journey of raising a PG child. Many thoughts & prayers are being lifted for his family as well as those in his SENG family & beyond.

Laura H

I think of James Webb, in the early days of SENG, as a lighthouse that warned us of the rocky shoals, allowing us to steer away from dangerous water. He was a beacon of light to help families see their way. As he nurtured others, studied, wrote, shared and spoke, what evolved is a more sophisticated network of beacons for plotting paths through childhood and schools. May GPS Navigation and route planning be our goal as the community continues his work.
“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton
James Webb is a giant whose shoulders we all stand on. May we guide the next generations forward in his absence.

Linda Pagnano

Dr. Webb did not know me when he answered the phone all those many eighteen years ago. Two hours of in-depth conversation later he had changed the course of my life and that of everyone in our family. He understood as no one else had seemed able before. He imparted to me important information on which I may never have otherwise stumbled. What had seemed so worrisome was made cherished. His wisdom so gentle. His guidance so clear and validating. There is no author whose work I have shared more avidly and widely. I can confidently say he has shined a great light into the hearts of many–heavy though my own is on having learned of his passing. Be at peace Dr. Webb. To his family and those who held him dear, know that you have many around the world holding you in prayer. He was a very special man.

Steve Curtis, PhD

I am totally stunned by this news. Dr. Webb was such an inspiration for me and my wife, Jane Curtis, PhD. He inspired us to work with gifted children. We have worked with gifted children ever since we attended his seminar a long long time ago. This makes me incredibly sad and I am tearful when I write this. I have been so busy lately and have not had a chance to really realize that he is gone. Jim…rest in peace. Actually, it just really hit me that he is really gone. Oh my god! Thank you Jim for all of your work on helping these children who are seen as different by everyone else. You achieved some remarkable things in your life. Be proud of your accomplishments. If I only achieve one-half of what you achieved, I will be happy. Please know that your spirit will carry on. I will continue to work with the kids you loved so dearly. In my own way, I will help as many children I can to achieve what they are meant to achieve. I have been doing this ever since you taught me all those wonderful things. This is one reason why I tend to be so busy and not look up. It is really rewarding to help a struggling gifted child find a niche and take off. Dr. Webb, or Jim, please enjoy yourself wherever you are. Thank you so much for all that you have given the world. I am in awe. Goodbye sir. Even though you are gone in physical form, your spirit will live on with me.

Marieke Groenewold

Very inspiring and warm person, very sincere and charismatic. He touched my heart deeply. What he told us about gifted kids, their problems and feelings and their struggle, was full of compassion and empathy. It went right to the heart of people and to the core of the case itself. Great admiration for James Webb and all he contributed. Difficult time for the family, my thoughts are with you.

I. Sawyer

A year ago I began reading dr. Webb’s writings and listening webinars. It has had a big impact on me. Although we never met, I feel connected through his writing and feel a sense of loss. In dr. Yalom’s and dr. Webb’s words: may we see, feel and know the rippling of his being for a long, long time.
Thankyou for all you have done for the gifted community.
My thoughts are with his family and friends.


Dr. Webb always brightened our day when he stopped in to our office!!! Such a sweet, caring man; who always had a smile on his face! He will be missed.
Janis Wolfe Gasch, Founder, Arizona Hearing Specialists

Shirley Schiever

Jan, I am so sorry for your loss. You and Jim had such a full, multi-faceted life you have many, many great memories, but you also are suffering the loss of part of yourself — that part that became one with Jim’s pursuits, his professional accomplishments and your joint athletic recreation. I am so sorry, but I will not be in Tucson on August 30. There will be so many people there — friends, family and colleagues — that I won’t be missed. You will be in my thoughts; Larry died on July 19 four years ago so I am empathetic. Best wishes for you coming decisions, coping and your great sense of loss.

Christian Fischer

We are deeply saddened to hear the news of James Webb passing away on 27th July 2018. We share fond memories of him, making a huge impact not only as a key note speaker during the 5th Münsterscher Bildungskongress in 2015, but also as a pioneer for the understanding of the social emotional needs of gifted children. Throughout our long lasting and very personal association we got to know him as a passionate researcher and psychologist, as well as a wonderful, creative and warm-hearted man. He will be missed. We send out our condolences to his relatives and close friends.

Prof. Dr. Christian Fischer, University of Münster and Inga Liebert-Cop, Seng Liasons Germany for the International Center for the Study of Giftedness, University of Münster

Christian Fischer and Inga Liebert-Cop

We are deeply saddened to hear the news of James Webb passing away on 27th July 2018. We share fond memories of him, making a huge impact not only as a key note speaker during the 5th Münsterscher Bildungskongress in 2015, but also as a pioneer for the understanding of the social emotional needs of gifted children. Throughout our long lasting and very personal association we got to know him as a passionate researcher and psychologist, as well as a wonderful, creative and warm-hearted man. He will be missed. We send out our condolences to his relatives and close friends.

Prof. Dr. Christian Fischer and Inga Liebert-Cop, Seng Liasons Germany for the International Center for the Study of Giftedness, University of Münster

Christian Fischer and Inga Liebert-Cop

We are deeply saddened to hear the news of James Webb passing away on 27th July 2018. We share fond memories of him, making a huge impact not only as a key note speaker during the 5th Münsterscher Bildungskongress in 2015, but also as a pioneer for the understanding of the social emotional needs of gifted children. Throughout our long lasting and very personal association we got to know him as a passionate researcher and psychologist, as well as a wonderful, creative and warm-hearted man. He will be missed. We send out our condolences to his relatives and close friends.
Prof. Dr. Christian Fischer and Inga Liebert-Cop, Seng Liasons Germany for the International Center for the Study of Giftedness, University of Münster

Karen Frank

I just returned from vacation yesterday to learn of this exceedingly sad news. I worked at GPP with Jim & Jan who were fun & easy-going “bosses”, much more like friends. Jim educated me about the book business as well as the gifted & talented. He was wonderful to work for! Although we’d not been in touch for a few years, I was aware of the wonderful work he was doing through Facebook. I have tears in my eyes as I write this, for Jim was a very special man, & I will miss him.

Jerald Grobman M.D.

I was so sad to hear of Jim Webb’s passing. He was such an important person to all those who worked in the field of giftedness.

One of Jim’s most remarkable qualities was his openness: new ideas and new people who could contribute to the knowledge base of giftedness were what Jim was all about. For Jim your professional affiliation or experiential background didn’t matter as long as you were dedicated to bringing a fresh perspective to the emotional needs of gifted individuals of all ages- the more ideas and the more people the better.

I was certainly the beneficiary of Jim’s non-judgemental and all inclusive attitude.Years ago when I wandered away from mainstream psychiatric thought and practice to explore the deeper psychological aspects of gifted individuals and how to address their emotional problems I needed input, guidance and encouragement.I had been working essentially in isolation. Despite my many years of clinical experience ,I had doubts about whether my ideas and suggestions were developing in meaningful ways.

My first encounter with Jim was in the form of a cold call. Would he be willing to read the rough draft of a paper I was working on? Of course he said would. Shortly after, he invited me to present my work at that year’s SENG conference. His enthusiastic welcome and the experience at that first SENG conference were transformative.His support and encouragement as well as all the others I’ve met at SENG have been such important factors in helping me stay on track and continue my explorations in this fascinating field. No longer do I feel isolated.

Jim’s passing is a great loss to me and so many others that he encouraged and guided over the years!

Judy Smith

I don’t recall the first time I heard Jim as a speaker but being trained as a SMPG facilitator by Jim and Arlene was an experience that started a journey I am still on. Twenty-one years later, I still look to his books for guidance in living with my children and grandchildren. I try to share the message of the importance of social and emotional needs of gifted with other families on their own journeys with their children. I went to as many SENG conferences as I could manage over the years and hearing him speak or just visiting at the GPP booth was always a highlight. I am especially thankful that I was able to persuade Jim to be the keynote speaker for the 2015 OATAG Conference. I believe it was more his dedication to the cause of gifted than any persistence on my part that brought him to Portland. I missed the SENG conference this year and while I hope to attend again sometime in the future I will feel the difference, but I know that Jim’s spirit will remain.


Thank you for your books “Searching for meaning” and “misdiagnosis of gifted children and adults”. They changed my life in a positive way no other professional got to do in real life, face to face. It’s strange when somewone writes about your life, while never had any contact personally. My sincere condolences to your family. All the best from NL, EU.

Derek Fowler

Jim Webb was, one of my father’s Graduate students at the University of Alabama. He was a baby sitter to me and my brother and sister while attending UofA. Most importantly, he connected my wife and me to all of the right people when we were in a very dark place with our 2E son. Jim has truly changed the lives of our entire family through his kindness and goodness. Jim was always a hero to my brother and sister and I. He is now a hero to my son.

With deep love and affection

Karen, Derek, and Michael.


What an amazing man.


My remembrance is more personal. As a successful educator and a relatively new professional in gifted, Dr. Webb’s presentation at a conference last year on gifted adults touched me personally and profoundly. Listening to him and participating in his activities, I felt that — for the first time — someone actually understood me. (I teared up then, I’m tearing up now.) His contributions to our understanding of giftedness are inestimable. It will an honor and a privilege to be able to pass at least some of his deep understanding on to the gifted students and adults whom I currently serve; however, it will take many of us working together to even begin filling his amazing shoes!

Suzana Zirbes-Domke on behalf of BDP/Germany

We were incredibly saddened to hear the news of Jim’s passing away. No words to describe this loss and the deep gap he leaves in the field of giftedness and in the hearts of all those who were fortunate to get to know him and his work.

On behalf of the “Working Group Giftedness and High Potentials of the German Association of Psychologists” we would like to express our heartfelt condolences to Janet and the family.

We feel thankful and lucky for having had the chance to bring the Misdiagnosis Initiative – whose initiator and head he was – to Europe. We will remember Jim, as he modestly went through life, as a compassionate, wise and generous mentor. He had the huge talent of bringing people together and encouraging them to outgrow themselves. He was patient, caring and open minded. Jim is irreplaceable, but his legacy will surely keep inspiring us deeply in our everyday work.

Donna Hulsey

Jim did so much to change the world, especially for gifted children and adults. I knew him as friend, inspiration, fellow alum from Rhodes College (then Southwestern at Memphis), and mentor. He once flew his plane from Arizona to Austin just to speak to parents at my school. The charge now is to continue the work of his mission. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Martina Rosenboom

We were shocked to hear the news of James Webb passing away. We share fond memories of this great man, making a huge impact not only to me as a counselor but also as president of our assisiation in Germany, since meeting him at the Bildungskongress in Münster in 2015. Since then we felt a personal association with this experienced researcher. We enjoyed promoting his books and ideas (and will carry on with this) and got to know him as a warm-hearted man. He will really be missed. We send out our condolences to his relatives and close friends.

Martina Rosenboom, president of the German Association for Gifted Children (DGhK e.V.)

Simone Keijsers

Dear James T. Webb, thank you so much for being who you are and for what you have brought the world.

Cheryl Vorvick

To Dr. Webb’s Family: My heart goes out to you, for your sudden loss.

My journey in life didn’t cross paths with Dr. Webb, or his work, before a few months ago, when I found SENG. Having found SENG, I attended just one Conference, and what I learned there has changed my life! I can’t profess to knowing a lot about Dr. Webb, yet, but it’s clear that I am the recipient of his dedication to people like me.

Most humble wishes that you find comfort in your time of loss, and hopes that you might find some comfort in knowing that Dr. Webb’s influence is still finding new places to fill the void with knowledge, and improve the lives of others.

Patricia Koraicho

I am so touched! I am Brazilian and I didn’t meet Dr. Webb but thanks to his articles and books, my husband and I could handle with all the difficulties of a gifted child. In our last vacations in Florida, I emailed Dr. Webb and I could not believe he replied me, talked to me by phone and he was really interested in my suffering. I hope we’ll find some one to help our son.
I’ll be always grateful to him!!!

Gail N. Herman

What a loss! I will miss his caring spirit. Is there any parent or teacher of G/T students who hasn’t read at least one of Jim’s books? Jim was a friend to all through his books as well as when he was cornered at NAGC after a workshop or speech. When he talked, everyone listened deeply. And whenever anyone had a question, he would spend as much time as needed. He loved to swap stories, which is something I really loved about him.


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Lisa Williams

Today, October 26, 2018, I had a heartbreaking day with my delightful, gifted son and his public school. Tonight I decided to clean out my email and found this. I have tears and deep grief in my heart from this loss. Interesting how someone I met and heard speak once in California could affect me so.
Then, I realized – it’s love. He loved people and he helped so many people, including me. SENG changed my life. I remember your essence and it’s in my soul. THANK YOU. Peace and gratitude to the family.

Grace Neufeld

I cant believe this loss! Some people are so great you just can’t imagine the world without them, Jim was such a person. This is a heavy blow indeed! Jim was always generous with his time and helped our gifted community so much! He will be greatly missed.

William Riley Brice

I knew Jim for many years. We met after I worked with his brother, Bunyan, in the U. S. Army in 1960, and I knew his parents as well. I was so sad to hear about Jim’s passing and my wife, Heather, and I send out our expression of sorrow to all the family. I have an item from when Bunyan played at Carnegie Hall in New York City that will be of interest to Nadia and the family, so please contact me so I can send it to the family.

Again, so sorry to hear of Jim’s death. he was a good friend for many years.

Riley Brice

Kim whichard

Hope it’s not too late … dr Webb changed many lives…. enlightened many lives .. my daughters … mine … eternally grateful for his work and study of gifted social and emotional needs !!! He is my hero !!

Karen Pringle

Beautiful Dr. James T. Webb, you helped me immensely and I respect your work so much. You left a legacy of wisdom and it will never be forgotten. It will remain forever.